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live-ride schedule

*Updated every Sunday

Monday - May 25

12:00pm MDT - Stax 50 with Alex Z

Tuesday - May 26

5:30pm MDT - Stax 50 with Lindsay B

Wednesday - may 27

5:30pm MDT - Stax 50 with Joelle T

thursday - may 28

5:30pm MDT - Stax 50 with Alex Z + Lindsay B Team Teach 

Friday - may 29

12:00pm MDT - Stax 50 with Shane F

Saturday - may 30

9:30am MDT - Stax 50 with Emily P

Sunday - may 31

9:30am MDT - Stax 50 with Lindsay B


17 Inglewood Park, SE

Calgary, AB



Tel: 403-978-0355

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