stax x ferda girlz

STAX x FERDA GIRLS = Empowering YOU and the BADASS Women of our Kick-Ass Community!!! 

Every day, it is our mission to help others harness physical activity as a positive and constructive source of actualizing that BADASS BEAUTIFUL BEAST within. With that boom  blended with the BOMB initiatives of Girl Guides, we are UNSTOPPABLE. And not to mention, those quintessential cookies conjure some pure magic LOVE vibes that have touched the childhoods of like, literally everyone.

We love everything the Canadian Girl Guides Stand for, and this weekend, we'll be hosting two back to back GIRL POWER themed charity rides with 100% of proceeds being donated.

Our goal is $5,000 and we need ALL the help and support we can get!

BT dubs, it’s FREE to follow along! Bike or no bike! Come dance, come play and most important of all, LET’S MISBEHAVE!!!

Saturday April 25 

9:30am MDT

Joelle T
Lindsay B.

Sunday April 26

9:30am MDT

mel g
Emily p

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