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Welcome! We are so glad you're here.


Congratulations in taking the first steps towards your goals and saying "YES" to making changes for yourself.

The intent of this page is to be your "home-base" for nutrition resources throughout the 6 week program. Everything in this program is optional; you can utilize these resources as much or as little as you like, depending on your goals and lifestyle.

If you have any questions for your coaches, you can connect with us through the #staxstrong slack chat.

Understand your nutritional requirements

The following questions will help me learn a little more about you, understand your goals and previous experiences- ultimately leading us to our plan of action.


Once you have completed the following questions, please send it on back so I can start to create your plan and get you one step closer to your goals and your RESULTS!

I'm so excited to work with you - Let's get to it!

On average, how much do you exercise weekly?
What areyourgoas for the Stax Strong Program? (chck all that apply)
Thanks for submitting! We will review your information and send an email with your custom macro plan in the next week!

Once you've received your custom macro plan, make sure you come back to this space to start your course work.

Lesson 1: Nutrition Mindset 

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Lesson 2: Macros 101 

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Lesson 3: How to Track Macros 

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Lesson 4: Macro Cheat Sheet

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