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Here at Stax, we are die-hard advocates for exercise being a positive force towards a bad ass sense of wellbeing. Whether you're feeling at rock bottom, or at 10+ turns on the blue dial level of beast mode (or somewhere in the middle), we genuinely want nothing but to empower you to feel like the LEGEND you are!

When it comes to that hustle and grind, we don’t just fight fire with fire baby — we ARE the FIRE!!!


It doesn't have to be pretty, it doesn't have to be perfect; if you're moving, you're doing it right!

We stand for bringing the most badass workouts

TO THE WORLD, and we can't wait to sweat with you!




ONLINE schedule

Monday - march 30

5:30pm MDT - Stax 45 with Emily

Tuesday - march 31

5:30pm MDT - Stax 45 with Lindsay

Wednesday - April 1

5:30pm MDT - Stax 45 with Joelle

thursday - April 2

5:30pm MDT - Stax 45 with Alex

Friday - April 3

5:30pm MDT - Stax 45 with Shane

Saturday - April 4

8:30am MDT - Stax 45 with Emily

Sunday - April 4

9:30am MDT - Stax 45 with Mel G

The Stax Cycle Club studio in Calgary, AB is currently closed until further notice


17 Inglewood Park, SE

Calgary, AB



Tel: 403-978-0355

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