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We're pressing pause on our pop-up studio

At Stax, we've always been about community, perseverance, and embracing change. After an unexpected departure from our previous space post-covid, we found an opportunity to reconnect with our incredible members in the real world through our pop-up studio.


We wanted to ensure that those with pre-purchased passes could still enjoy the sweat sessions they love. However, this was a short-term arrangement, and in a competitive market, the space was taken over by another entity. So, as we bid farewell to this chapter with smiles and (just a few) tears, we want to express our immense gratitude to all of you who supported us during the pandemic and through this new venture. Trying a new location can be intimidating, but your unwavering support allowed us to welcome new friends, instructors, and "Stax Angels" (IYKYK) into our community. Now, we're excited to continue our journey online, offering a range of spin, strength, and mobility classes, along with a blog covering all things health and fitness. Thank you for being a part of our Stax family, and we can't wait to continue this journey with you in our new virtual home.

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After a sad and unexpected departure from our previous space, this pop-up studio was an opportunity to sweat with all of our amazing members again IRL, bring the community back together, and ensure that those with pre-purchased passes were able to be rendered. As this was a short term arrangement, in an increasingly competitive market, the space that we are in has been spoken for by another (non-fitness) entity for the long term. Therefore, it's time for us to close out this chapter with smiles on our faces and (just a few) tears in our eyes. 


We want to give a massive shoutout to everyone who has supported us throughout the pandemic and through this new venture. We know trying a new location can be intimidating, but we were so thrilled to see everyone walk back through our doors. 


Because of you, we welcomed new friends, instructors and "Stax Angels" (IYKYK) through our doors, and expanded into both strength and yoga classes. 


As we head into the summer months, we'll be sweating, high-fiving, and vibing out for the rest of the month at our Barlow Trail + 16th Ave pop-up location - we hope you can join us!


If you didn't have time to make it in, it's not too late! Grab our 2-week intro pass or a 5 class pass now and join in on your favorite spin, strength, and yoga classes with our crew! 

The Details:


Our last classes at our pop-up location will be May 29th, 2022. While we are unable to provide any refunds at this time, you're welcome to share your outstanding passes with a friend. Simply send a note to with your friend's name and we'll get you taken care of! 


All unlimited pass holders will be contacted individually to ensure they are not charged for unused days. 


Next Steps:


The good times aren't over - we'll still be here virtually to keep moving with you all summer long! And if you're interested in our equipment rental program, you can find out more information and join the waitlist by clicking here.


Our Stax On Demand Platform boasts over 600 spin + strength + recovery classes with regular content drops...stay tuned for more to come in the online space!


We get it, this is a lot to soak in!


If you have questions, concerns or thoughts you'd like to share, we ask that you please fill out the survey below or direct them to Emily instead of our staff. Our amazing front desk crew and instructors will be dedicating their energy to making your in-studio experience exceptional right until the very last day.


Again thank you all for being our ride or die! It has been the utmost amazing experience to sweat it out in the studio. It's the entire community that makes Stax as welcoming as it has been and we hope to clip in with you in the future. 

See you soon,

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