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Friends Exercising Together
Welcome to Week 2 & 3!

Welcome to your second and third week of getting stronger with Stax!

Ready to up those weights?! For the next 2 weeks, we're going to alternate two full body workouts utilizing heavier weights (10-25lbs). This is where you can really work on your technique, and get stronger through repetition.

Remember to listen to your body - take breaks and reduce reps/weights

when you need!

Movement Tutorials
Team Slack Channel
Week 2 Overview
Week 3 Overview
Workout Details 

Block 1 (repeat 3x):

Back Squat x 10

Deadlift x 10


Complete each block 3x before moving onto the next

Block 1 (repeat 3x):

Sumo Squat x 10

B-Stand Deadlift x 10



  • Head to the #STAXSTRONG slack chat to cheer on others

  • Track your progress in your #STAXSTRONG journal

  • Attend our weekly accountability team calls (every Sunday 3pm + Thursday 8pm)

  • Post a sweaty selfie and tag us on IG!

Complete each block 3x before moving onto the next

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