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THIS IS IT, STAX FAM. Change Season is HERE. It’s time to sweat, reflect and reset with that pure soul and extra HOT spice you have been giving us from DAY 1.  We invite you, challenge you and EMBRACE you with the HUGEST virtual hug to join us in Change Season on STAX on-demand!! 

For only $23/month, we can ride together, rise together, RAVE + MISBEHAVE  the house down team! As a virtual member through our on-demand platform, you can lock some mad stellar perks:

  • Access to over 80+ FIERCE rides at anytime 

  • Behind the scenes live-stream whenever we’re filming (we DO in fact kiss and tell at STAX)

  • 10% of STAX merch — SCORE! 

  • VIP access to member-only content + FAB contests 

At STAX, we are NO strangers to adversity and adventure. And to us, both of those things are an immaculate advantage. Those are the forces that push us to take FULL ownership of our resiliency, badassery and POWER. 

2020 has been the punch to the system that we ALL have needed to HEAL. As leaders in the fitness community, we’re here to grind, sprint and f*cking feel LOVE though that entire damn ride. And we have made special space for exactly that with Change Season: 10 rides in 10 days that are 10/10 KICK ASS. Each themed ride is paired with some journal prompts to help you sweat + reset your way into the 2nd half of 2020.

Need to pace out your rides or join the challenge late? No prob! This challenge will be available for you to crush (or come back to) for months to come through our on-demand platform...rinse + repeat baby!

Our team has poured every ounce of grit and spirit into this sizzling series of rides full of electric movement, energetic recalibration and BOMB tracks — and of course flavoured with signature STAX HOT SAUCE on the side. We want to bond with you on an even MORE meaningful level and thread our AMAZING community’s energetic connection even closer together.

Cause we see you, we hear you and we feel you STAX crew. Right in the damn core. Let’s learn together, listen to each other better and MOVE together fam. PLUS Change Season is 100% FREE to join as an on-demand member! We can’t f*cking WAIT to experience this with you and keep making POWERFUL shifts in the universe with you fam.

Click here to BE the change! 

Sweaty hugs,

The Stax Fam

- article written by Christie Melhorn - avid stax rider, and badass community member.

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