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Big badass breaking news fam!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Stax has broken a new personal record by BEHAVING for once — to keep misbehaving in the BEST way and keep CRUSHING limiting barriers, self-doubt and the COVID-19 curve! 

And juuust like in class, we’re obvs we’re gonna keep pushing ourselves into new, uncharted territories and keep breaking down those walls by BREAKING THE DAMN INTERNET TEAM! Cause we’ve launched somethin’ def not borrowed, something new, and full force reppin’ STAX TRUE BLUE!!

We could sense those rumblings in our collective community consciousness of “I scream, you scream we all scream for STAX on screen!!” type-a deal. Well we have LISTENED those energetic vibes because our virtual class feed on now on Twitch baby!!! And we MEAN IT when we say these live streams will serve you LIFE with a serious SLAY of a sweat!! 

We’re shifting the legendary badass sass of STAX class from the podium to the world’s digital stage to help burn those booties AND play our part to burn the curve of COVID with social distancing!

This means RIGOROUSLY rocking the rules around COVID-19 prevention and protecting the health and safety of our community. Then channeling all that bad behaviour STAX lives and breath onto the bikes from our live feed!!  

Here’s the hot T on how we’re misbehaving by behaving: 

  • At STAX, we whole-heartedly believe that exercise and that sweet endorphin-kick should be accessible to EVERYONE. Our level of hella hot hype can’t be contained on a regular day and isn’t EVER defined by physical boundaries. With our live online feed, we can keep creating that crash of thunder and lightning together in real time!! 

  • We totally get that not everyone has access to a spin bike. THAT IS OK! We want to show up for you to keep cultivating those deeply rooted, kick-ass community bonds and keep our mental health strong and flexed! Our live stream features a group chat as feisty, fast and furious as our rides and we LOVE hearing from you!! We misbehave and we MISS YOU! So please shout back at us while we shout on-screen! AND if you don’t have a bike, write your own rules team and party along! While we dance on the bike, find your rhythm with us and WERK IT in with your own creative flair on fleek. You have FULL liberty to move in whatever way, whatever style you want right alongside us — this is truly YOUR ride. 

During our #livestream filming, we’re making it our top priority to be COVID-19 protocol pros by: 

  • Ensuring only two instructors are in the studio at a time and all are spaced out at least two meters apart

  • Hand sanitizer is on “hand” at multiple locations in the studio and is mandatory (or should we say “hand-atroy”) to be used by everyone in-studio upon entry and exit.

  • All equipment is given a full blown disinfection pre and post bike blow-out during our stream. And is dashed with some of that extra spicy STAX love.

  • While we may share our souls with you from that saddle and deliver some mighty mic drops, NO microphones or audio related equipment are shared and will be handled with COVID-19 care.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for any instructors being onsite if they have recently travelled, or are showing any COVID-19 related symptoms. 

  • Each and everyone person in our STAX fam has touched our lives in some way. And for right now, that is as far as kind of touching and contact is gonna go guys! There is ZERO physical interaction between us in-studio and there is NO sharing or passing around of personal belongings. That’s a hard fail in our books at the moment and you know we’re all about maintaining those high A-team grades!! 

Ready for a steam from the screen?

Want to add a new FIERCE at-home recipe to make by cooking it up hot as hell with us? We PROMISE to help keep flattening those abs and carving those curves all while flattening the curve! And more importantly, keeping that community spirit and sense of belonging not just alive but in a pure state of THRIVE. 

Every weekday evening at 5:30PM, we’ll be dropping some sick virtual beats so we can beat this thing and not get sick!! And of course, you can catch us for some savage Saturday and Sunday rides at 9:30am!! So don’t stock up this Spring, STAX up and let’s ride this sh*t out together!

What you need to do:

1. Head to OR download the "Twitch" app on your mobile device.
2. Create an account (easy peaz!)
3. Follow Stax Cycle Club
4. Check our schedule & get ready to SWEAT + CONNECT!

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