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Crush Goals and Cruise that HELLA high STAX Hype in our upcoming Charity Ride!

Our cherished STAX crew, YOU have been KILLIN' it at the Social Isolation Game!

Community cannot be crushed by quarantine. Together, we have PROVEN on the bikes and with that spicy as hell STAX soul that the damn limit does NOT exist. This storm has only powered up the thunder, lightning boom and banger of our unified voice baby!!!

We wanna take a hot moment to give a HUGE holla to a beloved STAX fam member, Teal Gove. The T. on Teal is she's a relentlessly compassionate, conscientious and KILLA athlete who's on a mission to empower everyone she meets!

As a lululemon run ambassador, and participant in Run for Water, she's using her platform to not only slay marathons but to move mountains with her big, beautiful bad ass "BHAG" - big, hairy, audacious goal (um FIERCE much?) - which is to raise $20k towards the clean water program for the resilient community of Elibat, Ethiopia.

While in Ethiopia, Teal was touched by the incredible work ethic and sacrifice the women in Elibat commit to providing their community with safe, clean water. This demands hours, and hours (and then more hours) of walking to and from clean water resources - at the expense of their education and ability to engage in other meaningful life experiences (we'll NEVER complain about jogs again!).

Being ever the stellar MVP, Teal has teamed up with Imagine1Day to fundraise for a sustainable clean water system the will not only fulfill basic human needs in Elibat, but grow this enriching community with the active participation of the women living there. That most DEF calls for a big-fat digital double-high-five for our girl Teal!

When supporting women + community empowerment, could there be anything more crystal clear to STAX's core? Our INCREDIBLE crew consists of so so many crazy cool, FIERCE, powerhouse women we are SO proud to know. We believe EVERYONE should have access to that inner tigress whenever, wherever.

We can use that STAX FIRE to help melt the ice preventing people in our global community from having the chance. And YOU can do this right along with us in our virtual charity ride THIS Saturday, April 4th at 9:30am with spin FYAH queens Emily P. + Joelle T. - crack a window cause iz gonna be a BURNER!

The class is FREE to join on Twitch and you can donate directly on our platform!! After we cut up on the bikes, we'll be cutting a cheque on screen and JAM IT UP in honour of your contributions! Our BHAG is to holla $500 dollas towards Teal's AMAZING effort with Imagine1Day. Together, we got this in da BHAG peeps! 100% of ALL proceeds will go towards Teal's goal.

At STAX, we don't sugar coat shit and won't deny COVID-19 cray crazy has been hardcore for many. But we are NEVER ones to step down from a challenge - we power attack right at it! And having a home to stay in, sweat in and sustain ourselves in is an ENORMOUS privilege yo!! So let's support our sistas!

It's also a giant gift for us to hustle, grind and pump n' dip this shit through with you STAX team! Let's keep playing our part in flattening the curve, crushing those COVID-19 blues with good ol' STAX BLUE and showing the HELL UP for our global community!!! Are we clear peeps? Cool!

Click here to access the damn sickest screen time of ya life on our Twitch feed and feel some extra spicy Saturday love! Let's keep riding this out together team!!! And PLEASE keep taking us in your post-class IG stories! We LOVE seeing those steamy, sweaty faces of yours!!


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