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At STAX, we spin hard, sweat hard and we SNACK hard peeps cause to crank out that spicy hustle and grind, fueling your body proper is HUGE. Unfortunately a lot of half ass fitness trends out there still push for a super lame and completely unrealistic extreme calorie deficit to make “progress”. It’s a damn lie and you will crash and burn eventually. 

The only time we’re crashing and burning at STAX is by CRUSHING those rides + vibes and leaving a blazing TRAIL OF FIRE BEHIND US TEAM! Check out these SERIOUSLY satisfying and totes delish STAX of snacks our stellar instructors munch on to keep it LIT!! 

Joelle T. 

Cashew Butter Cookie Dough Cashew Bars! Get the recipe from Michelle McGrattan — delicious AND healthy!

Sonja O.

I've been on a HUGE smoothie bowl kick - still working to perfect the nice thick consistency so all my delicious toppings don't sink to the bottom!! I've been working my way through some recipes on the Gourmandelle blog and am loving the variety!

Lindsay B.

I have been loving fresh raspberries with greek coconut yogurt (Daya). My boyfriend (@brendo91 on twitchTV, haha) has been spoiling me with homemade pancakes from Food by Maria!

Umm, YUMM!! COVID-19 cravings don’t stand a chance against THOSE goodies (cue Ciara). And hey, just remember, if you’ve gotten into the junk food a more than you would’ve liked and are low key freaking out about it, it is REALLY OK crew. It is all good!! The stress of a pandemic + adult life in general is a Costco-sized mixed party bag of stress hormones that naturally rev up sugar & salt cravings and can be a real asshole of a challenge to manage sometimes. 

And a lil indulgence here and there is cool! It actually be healthy for that HELLA fine mind-bod-spirit you got!! If you’re arm-full in the chips and ice cream bucket a lot, try to hang on to how good it FEELS when you stick to whole foods more consistently. They make ya feel more “whole” (had to!), less anxious, and wired + tired than the processed stuff! And diet + fitness is exactly that — a process, with all kinds of pumps and dips (quite literally... where our chipotle mayo peeps at)??

STAX has YOUR BACK gang and we are in this shit together!! Your energy FEEDS our spirit and keeps us cooking it HOTTA THAN HELL. Let’s keep building each other up, baking out ANY bad vibes and spicing our lives with that BAD ASS STAX SASS!! 

BT DUBS, we LOVE your STAX posts everyone! WOW!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!! We will DEF share our snacks with you (when it’s safe yo)!! You can hit us up at @staxcycleclub + #STAXSTREAM ANYTIME and share your FIERCE journey with us — please do!

We seriously hope we get to see you SOON and for now, we will see you beauties through our virtual options!

Sweaty hugs,

The Stax Fam

- article written by Christie Melhorn - avid stax rider, and badass community member.

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