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Stay-at-home and STIR THE SAUCE cause it's SAVAGE SEASON TIME!

They say go big or go home. And at STAX, you know that we flip the finger to tradition and make our own damn rules. So we say GO BIG AND STAY THE HECK HOME. Cause you can still hit A WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL OF BAD ASS AF from exactly where you are, which is right where you are meant to be. 

That STAX call of the wild CAN’T be contained crew and be prepared cause we are GONNA BLOW THE DAMN ROOF OFF with our next series of soul scorching rides — IT’S SAVAGE SEASON BITCHES!!! 

From April 22nd to May 21st, we invite you to slay + play and push any bad vibes the hell away in a series of 25 fast and FIERCE rides team!!! And all with the chance to win straight up BOMB prizes.

You have the power to design your life into whatever you want crew and we want to help add extra colour and kick ass to that with our grand prize: a custom designed STAX lululemon outfit!!! Damn straight you’re gonna wear your hardcore work ethic and prowess loud & proud with this seek ensemble. 

But we won't stop there, for participants who finish the challenge we'll keep the prizes coming! We wanna keep things an extra hot 100 by also offering a FREE private ride for all of you and your besties once we open back up. Live out of town? Time to plan a trip! Can't make a trip? We'll find a way to do it virtually, and ensure that all of your fave songs are blasting throughout! In addition to this, for the 3rd place price, we'll throw in a $100 gift card to pedal pub (so you can party AND spin at the same time) as well as 10 FREE rides in-studio at STAX when we throw those doors back open and throw down the thickest, heaviest beats together in class!!

Finally, we'll be doing a draw for one of our totally fab STAX hat & bag to rock and carry us with ya even though we’re apart. You got this in THE BAG babes! 

At the end of the day, the ultimate win is how empowered, resilient and pure STAX blue FIRE we’re gonna feel through this shared experience!!! Savage Season is where we confront our demons and LITERALLY exercise them into being our best f*cking friends and a source of pure power.

The quarantine regime has definitely not been an easy one to process gang and we fully feel you on that simmering restlessness and insidious sense of stress. Know that is TOTALLY NORMAL and totally human if that’s what you’re going through. Savage Season is designed to acknowledge, release and transcend those down feels. We want you to actualize that god damn inner God of yours through the sacred experience of some seriously SPICY spin!! 

As a community, we’ll cross over into unexplored territory and strength within us  — and release that BEAST!!! Your home is not a cage folks. Our state of mind is. Together, we can break down and raise those bars to building up that BAD ASS BOSS who is READY TO SHOW THE HELL UP TO WERK — maybe in more ways than one!!! Anyone else getting bored of wearing sweats and oversized hoodies to work from your dang couch??

Toss those WFH sweats to the side and swap ‘em for a serious, SAVAGE sweat team!!! Come out of this experience stronger, sweatier and SASSIER in the best damn way with us! All Stax rides that count towards this challenge can be completed LIVE through our #STAXSTREAM, or, after the fact if you are a subscriber to our Twitch Channel.

Our live rides on our twitch channel are FREE and OPEN to the world!

We SO appreciate your incredible support and electric energy that we undeniably feel during this whack mind F of a time. So a big fat THANK YOU to each and everyone one of you fam. To keep flattening those abs + flattening the curve, there is a flat rate of only $17CAD to participate — a one time cost for an infinite amount of STELLAR this Savage Season!!! See ya on-screen team!!! Let’s make a real STEAM. 

CLICK HERE to download the tracking app and get signed up!


The Stax Fam

- article written by Christie Melhorn - avid stax rider, and badass community member.

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