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Wellness Challenge Feature #1: Mindful Eating with Lisa

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Hi! I'm Lisa, and I'm a Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Registered Nurse, who's endlessly motivated to help others explore and create their happiest and healthiest selves, while achieving the perfect everyday balance.

I believe in a healthy relationship with food. I believe in filling our plate (and belly) with whole, natural, and unrefined foods. And I truly believe that we can optimize nutrition, balance hormones, and prevent chronic disease through healthier habits and whole foods.

My top 3 tips for mindful eating are:

1. Set Intentions with Food

Creating value around the food we choose to eat and cook with intern allows us to set a positive intention for our body. By focusing on meaningful nutrition, things that truly nourish us, we begin to switch our focus to food as nourishment for our body and soul. We adapt to taking pride in what we're putting into our bodies.

2. Find Comfort in the Kitchen

Now more than ever, we're encouraged to find our own way for food to bring us joy within our own home. Take this opportunity to take risks, be bold, and try recipes you never thought you could do (or had the time for). Cooking takes practice, and like anything, the more we practice it the more we're pushed to progress.

3. Be Kind to Yourself

Life is too short to get caught up kicking ourselves for eating something outside our 'plan'. For myself, as soon as I put restrictions on what I can and can't eat, I find myself craving those foods. The best practice I've taken on is to never restrict myself, to listen to my body, and focus on clean ingredients that will nourish my body and curb cravings naturally.

I know that stepping into a new way of eating can be intimidating and confusing. I've put together a "day in the life" meal plan with the hopes to spark some curiosity and maybe bring out the inner chef in you!

Click the PDF below for the full recipes!

A day in the life with Lisa
Download PDF • 11.68MB

I'm always posting new tutorials + recipes on my IG (like the one below), and would love if you'd follow along!



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