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STAX x FERDA GIRLS = Empowering YOU and the BADASS Women of our Kick-Ass Community!!!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Head’s up team!!! THIS weekend STAX is cooking up some MAJOR HOT double trouble spiced with the spirit of supporting and empowering the AMAZING women of our community!!! 

This one is truly FERDA GIRLS team! STAX has collabed with the force of nature that is Canada Girl Guides — an organization fiercely dedicated to the cultivation of confidence, community and courage of young girls across Canada.

At STAX, our crew is comprised of SUCH crazy hardcore, goal-crushing and RELENTLESSLY kind women who shatter boundaries, blow up those damn glass ceilings all while building others up NEXT DAMN LEVEL. 

Every day, it is our mission to help others harness physical activity as a positive and constructive source of actualizing that BADASS BEAUTIFUL BEAST within. With that boom  blended with the BOMB initiatives of Girl Guides, we are UNSTOPPABLE. And not to mention, those quintessential cookies conjure some pure magic LOVE vibes that have touched the childhoods of like, literally everyone. 

SO this Saturday & Sunday (April 25th and 26th), we want to raise the damn roof with $5,000 for the incredible OG GGs to continue lifting up our female population into some hardcore poppin’ leaders in our community.

The thunder + lightning who're lighting up this true STAX party are: 

Saturday 9:30AM MDT - Joelle T. and Lindsay B.
Sunday 9:30AM MDT - Mel G. and Emily P.

These QUEENS are legit spin royalty whose power, compassion and spicy AS HELL rhythm is goddamn celestial. Crack a window cause these four gal pals are GONNA PLATE AND SERVE A HOTTA THAN HELL DISH — and we totes suggest some Girl Guides cookies for dessert #willspinforcookies!! They are SO GOOD. God!!

While some of #STAXBABES weren't official girl guides, we like think they still rocked the GG values in their younger years!

From left to right:

- Joelle T: who chose Hockey instead (but still rocked the GG values!)

- Emily P: while they did have GG in New Zealand, Em thought it would be a better idea to walk her pet lamb around. coo coo coo.

- Mel G: *goes camping once. poses for the cover of her camping manual.

- Linds B: Stax's good girl who somehow wasn't a Brownie! But from a young age she knew that safety never takes a holla-day!

These rides are gonna be a RIOT. They’re FERDA GIRLS and are open to EVERYONE. Period. You can donate your extremely appreciated and super helpful dollas by clicking here.

BT dubs, it’s FREE to follow along! Bike or no bike! Come dance, come play and most important of all, LET’S MISBEHAVE!!! Hit up this link for more deets + to donate — we CANNOT WAIT to cook it with ya crew!!! THANK YOU!!!


The Stax Fam

- article written by Christie Melhorn - avid stax rider, and badass community member.

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