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WELCOME TO THE STAX CYCLE CLUB FAM NEW RIDERS!!! Welcome to the spin school of straight up badassery, self-empowerment and misbehaving in the BEST way. We are SO stoked you came to play!! 

There is a first time for everything and at STAX we serve it with extra spice so your first time with us is ERYTHANG. Our style of spin is designed to give you a whole-body, bootylicious cake bakin’ workout that burns out stress and, most importantly, fires up that HOT AF soul of yours!! Every damn ride is different and beckons forward your most raw, real inner call of the wild. We believe in letting that AMAZING sh*t out and rock n’ rolling with it for a seriously EPIC sweat!!! 

Our team of fierce coaches want nothing less than for you to have the most supportive, satisfying and SAUCY ride — with extra hot pep, PS. And with that, they have few hot tips to ensure you’re set to storm that saddle team!!! 

Emily P:

"Hi everyone & welcome to our feed! One of the most important things is to ensure you have your bike set up properly. This will give you more power in your pedal stroke, and avoid any unwanted tension in your knees or hips! Check out our blog post where Mel G goes through a bike-set up on video!"

Lindsay B: 

"First of all, woohoo you made it here and we are so happy to have you as a new member of our Stax Fam! Spin is really tough at the beginning, and it takes about 5 classes to get the hang of things. 

Focus on trying to ride the beat first, and forget about the upper body movement if it doesn't feel right for you. It's your workout, move your body, sweat it out, and know that if your legs are moving you're doing it right!"

Sonja O: 

"Welcome to the STAX Family!! As a fellow temporary at-home spinner, for each class I make sure to have a towel (we get REAL sweaty!!), water bottle and the means to CRANK UP THE TUNES!

 I use airpods, and I turn it up loud enough that I can't hear myself breathing heavy — as soon as I hear that, I sometimes hold back! The louder the music, the easier it is to get lost in the moment, and really use the class as an opportunity to shut out the outside world and focus on YOU!!"

Joelle T: 

"I think the most important thing to remember is that we are here to celebrate YOU! Movement equals happiness, so silence those critics in your head and get ready to be inspired. Keep that chest high, and be proud for showing up!"

Take those words, read ‘em over a few times to really let it stick and you, our fab friends, are going to have a STELLAR start to your STAX Cycle Club legacy!! With anything in life, it takes a lil touch of time and some TLC to find your flow and that is TOTALLY cool!! We all hit bumps and ruts here and there — which is always a positive sign of growth. Just know that we are here to support you 100%, whether it is Day 1 or 100. 

And please ask us any questions at any time!! You can also can share your FIERCE journey with us by following our IG @staxcycleclub and tagging us in your kick-ass posts + stories with #STAXSTREAM — it brings us such joy to see your sweaty, beautiful faces hustling and grinding alongside us!! 

On that note, let’s clip in, dip those toes and get those wheels TURNING AND BURNING team!!! See you on-screen!! 


*Article written by Christie Melhorn - avid stax rider, and badass community member.

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