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How to set up your bike!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Here at STAX, we strive for the most efficient way to evenly work our quads, hammys, glutes and core, and are big believers that it starts with not only a big bad confident attitude, but proper bike set up!

Whether you're a STAX OG, or a new family member (welcomeeee!), we could all use a lil' refresher to ensure we're getting the most KILLA workout.

Our gal Mel G has thrown together a few great pointers to get you started!

1. After you've put your spin shoes on, stand next to your bike, and set the saddle so that it is approximately at your hip bone. When you clip in, you should be able to straighten your leg, but it should sit comfortably with a 15-20 degree bend in your knee.

2. Handlebars should be set at the same height, or slightly higher than your saddle.

3. Holding your feet parallel to the ground, look over your front knee and ensure that you can still see your toe. If your knee's are over your toes, move your saddle back.

Check out the vid below for the dirty deets:

Now that you're all set up, lets get spinning and burning those cals!

Head to the #STAXSTREAM for live spin classes by clicking the link below!

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