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Our Favorite Resistance Bands + How To Use Them!

If you've been online at all lately, you've probably seen the hype of resistance bands! Maybe you're in the market for a set, or are looking for a way to up the ante of your current workout regime. Here are our favorite resistance bands for breaking a sweat! Plus, we share some tips for how to use them.

Stack of dumbbells in a spin studio.
Time to ditch the dumbbells for resistance bands!

Similar to a giant elastic band, resistance bands are usually made from latex or rubber. You can loop them around your legs, arms, or a stationary object in order to increase the tension when you work out.

We love incorporating resistance (spring shift to the right!) and resistance bands turn up the burn in our stackables classes!

3 Benefits of Resistance Bands

Let's dive into the benefits of exercise bands.

Woman using resistance bands to workout

1. Great for beginners

Don't let the weight room intimidate you. Resistance loops add just the right about of resistance when you're learning the fundamentals.

2. Build Lean Muscles

Tone up that healthy bod! A set of good resistance bands can help you build lean muscle when you go through the movement slowly and with intention.

Unlike free weights, exercise bands keep your muscles under tension for longer and through the entire range of motion. Not only is the muscle working during the concentric part of the movement, but it also works during the eccentric part as well.

3. Stay fit when traveling

We promise things are going to get back to normal. And when they do, tossing a set of gym bands into your suitcase is a great way to break a sweat when you're exploring the world.

I love incorporating resistance bands into my workouts because they can be used for a variety of training purposes.
- Janelle from @lifewithpandj

The Best Resistance Bands That We Love

Now that you've read the pros, here are the top resistance bands that we love!

Glute Bands - a.k.a. The Hip Circle

The hip circle has taken the fitness industry by storm. Originally introduced by Mark Bell, the glute band is a staple for everyone serious about growing a booty!

This booty band set is non-slip, meaning it won't roll down when you're in the middle of your set. It's also durable, so it won't lose its tension after time. Lastly, this pack of 3 comes with 3 different levels of resistance so you can keep challenging yourself.

Looking for a complete weight room or home gym option? This resistance band set is perfect for stepping up your game.

This set comes with 2 handles, 2 ankle attachments, a door anchor, and a convenient carry bag. Plus, there are 5 bands with varying weight resistances - from 10 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs! These workout bands are perfect for challenging yourself in our Stax sculpt classes.

Want even more? Personal trainer Petra Mace shared her top fav resistance band brands!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Resistance Bands

We're not going to lie, strength bands are not the same as free weights. Here are some tips for making the most of your workout when you utilize your favorite set of resistance bands.

Man using resistance bands to exercise

Body awareness + Intention

The top tip for strengthening your muscles and getting the best workout with resistance bands is body awareness and intention.

Create a mind-muscle connection for every rep and exercise. Because the weight might be less than what you can get with free weights, you need to go through the rep slowly and with intention. Don't just go through the movement.

Janelle from @lifewithpandj shares her resistance band workout advice:

Biggest tip: the adduction (coming towards the center of the body) is just as important as the abduction (pulling away from the center of the body). Think of this as the "lift and lower" of resistance band work. The focus should be on the control of the entire movement, being in control of actively engaging the muscles at work and remaining in control as you release the tension.

Good Form

Just like with free weights, good form is crucial for using resistance bands. If you can't control the resistance - your legs or arms feel like they're going to snap back to the starting position - then the resistance is too high. Performing the move with bad form is counterintuitive to any strength gains.

Progressive Overload

You might have heard the term "progressive overload" but might not know what it means.

Progressive overload is when you gradually increase the weight, frequency, or number of repetitions in your strength training routine.

How does this apply to your resistance band workout? The same way it applies to dumbbells. Start with the lighter resistance and work your way up. Plow through your plateaus by challenging yourself and changing up your workouts.

This principle of progressive overload also applies to your cardiovascular workouts! As you get stronger, you can turn up the dial in your favorite Stax spin class and get stronger!

Are you ready to up the intensity in your workout? Try incorporating resistance bands into your workouts and watch those muscles pop! Here's a quick upper body sequence you can try today (repeat 3x for the ultimate burn!)

Ready to up the intensity? We're waiting for you - #LETSMISBEHAVE

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