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Holiday Guide to Gifts for Spin Class Lovers

The holiday season is upon us folks! Nothing beats watching someone we love unwrap the perfect gift that we chose for them. If you’re looking for the ideal present for your favorite Stax member or spin class lover, look no further! We’ve got the best, all-inclusive guide for the perfect holiday gifts for spin cycle enthusiasts.

How to Choose Great Gifts for Spin Class Lovers

Woman with pig tails and sunglasses smiling and giving peace fingers
These great gifts for spin class lovers will have your loved ones grinning from ear to ear.

Some of the most obvious things that spin-lovers need on a day-to-day basis can be a bit too personal to pick out. Gifts like spin shoes or clothing may be stressful to choose because everyone has a unique style and sizing can be personal. Luckily we have tons of other great gifts for spin class lovers that will have your loved ones grinning from ear to ear.

New Spin Bike

If you really want to impress someone and go all out on a holiday gift this year, there is nothing like a brand new spin bike. While it might be a little hard to wrap, your loved one will be totally giddy to find their very own spin bike under the tree this year!

Woman laying across a Stages SC3 indoor spin bike
The ultimate gift for the holidays: a new spin bike

Our favorite is the Stages SC3, the model we ride at Stax, or the Stages SC1. These bikes will take anyone’s at-home cycle studio to the next level. The Stages SC3 can connect to all of your technology wirelessly and will take the guesswork out of training. It keeps you on track with your fitness goals by using the most accurate performance measures out there.

Our friends at Dotmar Fitness are offering Stax members free shipping for all Stages bikes & accessories (promo code "Staxcycle").

As much as we love this bike, the price point isn’t for everyone. Check out our list of the best spin bikes for your home to see some more economical choices as well.

Resistance Bands For Sculpt Classes

All of our Stax members have definitely heard us raving about resistance bands lately. These workout accessories increase resistance for a variety of different exercises, help you burn more, and get stronger faster! They’re one of the best gifts for spin class lovers.

Resistance bands are super convenient and versatile because you can use them on their own, during a spin session, or even on the go. They’re easy to bring with you no matter where you’re going, so you can always sneak in a workout.

We love the Whatafit Resistance Band Set which would make the perfect holiday gift. It comes with everything you need to get started working with resistance bands, like two handles, two ankle attachments, a door anchor, and a variety of bands with different resistances. It even comes with a convenient bag to carry everything. That means your loved one can bring them to their Stax classes!

Check out our resistance band post for more information on how to use them and for some other options for resistance band presents.

Stax Swag

Get your loved one some of the freshest Stax merch so they can be decked out head to toe at their Stax classes. Clothes can be hard to pick out but you can’t go wrong with any of our stylish workout clothes. We have a tank, jogger, crop top, and even an entire leopard collection, plus a branded Stax hat and workout tights.

Check out all of the Stax gear, they make great gifts for spin class lovers.

The Best Spin Class Accessories

Looking for stocking stuffers or other small gifts? There are tons of brilliant accessories that would be perfect for the spin fanatic in your life. We covered quite a few fun accessories in our article about the best TikTok Fitness Hacks. Here are a few of our favorites for this holiday season!


They will no doubt be feeling sore after some of our more intense Stax classes. Help them loosen up with an at-home massager they can use on themselves. You can choose between foam rollers, massage balls, spiky massage balls, or even massage guns. We love this set that has a little bit of everything.

Gift Cards

On a similar note, if they would prefer a professional massage, you could get them a gift card for a relaxing 90-minute session with a licensed masseuse. Other repairing and healing services for workout fanatics are growing more popular too. Think about gift cards for cryotherapy, cupping, or saunas, all of which would make a great gift for the athlete on your list.

Portable Projector

Make your own virtual studio in the comfort of your own home with a portable projector. Instead of trying to balance your phone or tablet on your handlebars or building a tower to sit your laptop on, project your favorite spin or sculpting classes on the big screen!

Our Stax squad loves this mini portable projector for rocking out to their favorite classes.

Water Bottles

Amazon has a never-ending collection of fun water bottles or cups that will fit anyone’s style. Whether you’re looking for something holiday-themed, silly, aesthetic, or plain Jane, there is a water bottle to complement everyone’s personality.

Hair Accessories

The ladies who love to hit spin class often struggle with trying to keep their hair looking good post-workout. Dry shampoo is a great stocking stuffer that will help her keep her hair looking fresh after spin class. You can’t go wrong with Batiste! Other great hair accessories you could get for them are hair scrunchies. Scrunchies are fun because you can go neutral or funky to bring some flair to their workout outfit. Plus they don’t crease your hair like regular elastics. You can get a variety pack for tons of options.

Stax Gift Card or Annual Membership

If you’re still at a loss for what to get your spin class fan for the holidays or you’re simply out of time and need something ASAP, you can look into a Stax gift card! Give the gift of fitness with on-demand spin and sculpting classes at Stax. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Naughty or nice, it's time to #MISBEHAVE. See you in the studio!

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May 24

When selecting gifts for spin class enthusiasts, consider items that clipping path services enhance their cycling experience. Opt for quality cycling gear like padded shorts or moisture-wicking tops. Gadgets like heart rate monitors or cycling computers can elevate their performance. Gift cards to their favorite fitness apparel stores are always appreciated. For a personal touch, consider custom water bottles or sweat towels. Ultimately, choose items that cater to their passion for spinning and promote their health and comfort.

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