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3 Adjustments You Need Adopt to Change Your Life

Is your mindset holding you back from reaching your goals? It might be! Lucky for you, we have some tough love for ya! Here are 3 adjustments you need to adopt to change your life.

Woman on a spin bike beckoning someone forward
Ready to achieve your goals? Time for your attitude adjustment!

In order to achieve your goals (big or small), your attitude needs to match your aspirations. Yet in some cases, our excuses for why we shouldn't try is our biggest limiting factor. Whether you want to hit a new PR or try a new hobby, the goals you form for yourself begin to take shape as quickly as the reasons why you can't do it.

While self-doubt is totally common - our very own Joelle experienced this before she took on her white whale goal of running 108 kilometers in the BlackSpur race in August - it's our ability to preserve that allows us to accomplish anything! Our mentality is critical in determining whether we will succeed or not.

Here are three adjustments to make - instead of excuses - to let you live your best life.

1. Pivot

Seriously, even the best-laid plans go awry in life. You need to roll with the punches and be prepared to PIVOT!

When all your plans go to sh*t, it's an opportunity to make an adjustment instead of an excuse of why you can't doing the thing anymore.

Let's do a for instance. You normally hit up your favorite spin class first thing in the morning, but today something else comes up. Your kid doesn't feel well, you woke up late, your dog got into your superfood smoothie... things happen. Instead of throwing up your hands and skipping your workout, what can you do instead?

You can pivot. Choose a 25 Express workout, ride in the afternoon or evening, or take an unexpected rest day and workout tomorrow.

Change your direction but not the destination. You can still accomplish your goal (working out) but in a different way.

2. Prioritize

When you want to achieve something - a half marathon or learning to bake - you have to fit it into your life (and schedule). But finding time to add something new to your list can feel impossible. Well, here's the tough love:

Instead of saying "I don't have time", say "it's not a priority". For everything on your list of things to do, say that. Let that roll around in your mind. How does it make you feel?

When you skip Sunday morning spin class because you got carried away binge-watching Netflix, what you're really saying is "my health isn't a priority".

Instead of making up reasons why you can't, look at the things that truly aren't a priority. These are things that really don't serve you anymore. Toxic friendships, binge eating, burning yourself out. Let them go and prioritize what matters.

New mantra: I am a priority.

Caucasian woman with a ponytail with her hands in prayer
Repeat after me, "I am a priority"

3. Start

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Just start. If you get the ball rolling, you can harness the power of the Momentum Mindset. The Momentum Mindset is the belief that once you start, you will continue moving forward despite obstacles and missteps. Instead of running into stop signs, you proceed with direction signs.

That's not all. People who make the adjustment from an excuse to the Momentum Mindset, succeed because they practice the following:

  • Reject limiting beliefs

  • Anticipate challenges and plan how to overcome them

  • Get back up quickly after a fall

  • Adjust their direction, not their destination


Life is too short to let excuses hold you back. Instead of letting your own mind be your limiting factor, dream big and make these three adjustments - you will change your life!

What is the biggest mindset adjustment you've made that has positively impacted your life?

Share these adjustments with a friend who needs to change their mindset!

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